Off to a Hot Start...

For those of you that made it out to the Bandits' "first" gig at the Grandview Cafe on February 1 (and the few who made it to the real first gig at Heritage Lounge in Reynoldsburg the night before)--I think you all saw something that we had all hoped for: a band that has the potential to be great. As I typed that last sentence I realized how totally anti-climactic it reads--but I can't think of a way to say it more accurately.

Consider the following: 1) Before this past weekend, the four of us had never played a show together before. 2) None of us had ever played these songs live, with the exceptioin of a few. 3) We were working with nearly brand new equipment in some areas--to the point that we were still figuring out how to put reverb on the vocals as we were sound-checking for the Grandview Cafe gig! The fact that we pulled both of these off--even with a few hiccups here and there--is pretty encouraging. But that's all it can be: encouraging.

A band stops getting better when the hiccups become habit. Response to the show has been very positive thus far, and I have to admit that I have had to take a break from practicing anything in our set for these last few days. But if we are going to be what we want to be--one of Columbus' most entertaining acts--we have to keep practicing and analyzing and perfecting the music. Jeff and I had an lengthy conversation yesterday about the immediate direction of the band, and while we both agree that this weekend's shows were a major positive for us, the bottom line is that we will only continue to be good if the music is stellar.

And so that's where the focus will be. A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and saw us this weekend. Most people stuck it out for the long haul and it was very humbling. Hopefully we can continue to offer a great time for everyone who wants to come out and see us.

At the very least--if the picture is any indication, Josh and I can entertain you with funny, pained faces while we sing.

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