When Worlds Collide

It is very easy to understand why lots of bands never make it out of the garage. Practicing is tough. It is the toughest reality the comes with being in a band. Of course, possibly the best part of being in a band is that you're living out a lesser version of a rock star fantasy life where you get paid to do what you really love doing. That fantasy life can even extend to practicing a bit. Practice can be fun when the "magic" is happening--but sometimes, as The Wet Bandits experienced last night, practice is a grind.

Last night we got together sans JB on vocals (he was off auditioning for some start-up, possibly cable access show called "The Voice" or something) and ran through the second half of what will be our inaugural set for our Grandview Cafe gig on February 1. If ever there was an argument to be made that being in a rock band is one of the truest "team endeavors", last night made a strong case for said argument. No matter how much you practice a song individually, a player can't help but take for granted some of the cues that happen in a song without even realizing it. Thus, it becomes very hard to make it through certain songs without specific vocal cues--even if the other three members are about as prepared as possible for rehearsal.

So, that's what we struggled with last night. If there is a silver lining it is that we are all seasoned enough to have expected that on some level. The fact that we could roll through 13 songs without a singer says something positive about our dedication and preparation. With only one or two more rehearsals before February 1, that preparation is going to become of paramount importance.

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