Making It Happen

T-minus 19 days until The Wet Bandits take the stage for the first time as a band. All of us have experience with other projects--but this is going to be special for me. This is the first project that has really been driven by love of the material. I have always loved playing--no matter what type of music. But I'd be lying if I said that a lot of the reason I've been playing in Columbus-area bands for the last eight(!) years or so was not the money. Money has kept me in bands for perhaps longer than I should have stayed, and sometimes made me content when perhaps I shouldn't have been.

But The Wet Bandits is different. This is truly something I have enjoyed since I sent out my first craigslist post for drummers and vocalists. It has been a lot of hard work--more listening and learning than I have done for a group since ever--but it has never been tedious or cumbersome. All of it has been a pleasure.

In the future I hope that the Wet Bandits site serves as both a place where fans and friends can keep updated with where and what we're playing, and also a place where we can comment on the local and national music scene and get interactive with those who are interested in doing so. But for now I am content to express my excitement at this new opportunity with three killer musicians: Sam Baird, JB, and my musical brother Jeff Taylor. It feels like starting over on the scene in the best way possible. With that in mind, I thought it appropriate to post a photo from my first "real" gig (read: making money as a business, from a business): Screamin' Willie's with The Christy Angeletti Band, circa 2006. Jeff is probably somewhere offstage, wondering who this goofball kid is and why he holds his guitar pick with three fingers (a habit I would break in a year or so).

See you all soon!


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